Funding + Operations

At Indigenous Healthcare Advancements, we honor and fully support Tribal self-determination and self-governance. We specialize in working with Tribes who have a 638 compact with the Federal Government; for Tribes interested in delivering their own healthcare, we can help in understanding feasibility or in strategic development of a self-determination pathway.

Revenue cycle analysis

We have experience in internal analyses, understanding, and development, as well as fully outsourced revenue cycle models. We may even have a few remote billers able to plug in and out as needed.

Procurement and grant writing

We have years of experience in Federal procurement processes and can support you in obtaining quotes or evaluating high ticket purchases and procurements. In addition, we have internal and external grant writing resources to leverage. We focus primarily on healthcare grant writing; however, if there is a need beyond the healthcare space, we could potentially support there as well.

Electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR)

If your Tribe or Tribal Health Program is evaluating a transition from RPMS, we have aided Tribes in the evaluation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that would work well in their environment, taking into consideration their strategic partnerships, PRC statistics, local market, as well as a Tribe’s procurement policies in selecting the solution that works best. We also have relationships with EHR vendors and can support Tribes in negotiating a favorable agreement.

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