People + Staffing

At Indigenous Healthcare Advancements, we know the job market is aggressive. There are not enough competent, capable leaders with Tribal Healthcare experience. We support by providing personnel and/or staffing services to ensure that the operations of your programs continue to thrive.

Short-term management

We have experienced individuals who can support Executive, Senior Management, or Director level positions while your organization recruits for its vacant leadership positions. We can even support your search and hiring needs.

Provider staffing, onboarding, and education

Keeping a health center fully staffed and operational can be a challenge. We can leverage our network of providers and deploy hiring and training services to ensure that staff are equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide the highest quality care.

Board and leadership training

Not all leaders are familiar with the intricacies of delivering healthcare services. Our partners can train, coach, and guide Tribal leaders through understanding and decision making to ensure quality healthcare outcomes.

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