Strategy + Planning

At Indigenous Healthcare Advancements, we can help Tribes and Tribal Health Organizations with anything related to healthcare. We have decades of experience in all facets of healthcare to support patient needs for body, mind, and spirit. We can provide a customized level of support in medical, behavioral health, dental, pharmacy, vision, or at a broader strategic level.

Strategic planning and leadership alignment

We have experience in leading strategic planning processes for Tribal Health organizations and conduct these over either single- or multi-day sessions. Through our interactive process, we can obtain input from all stakeholders and make sure everyone’s voices are included and honored.

Contract negotiation and implementation

We can help Tribal leadership evaluate, negotiate, and implement a wide variety of contracts across the full spectrum of Tribal healthcare needs: Facilities + Construction planning and management; marketing and communications support; Funding + Operations planning; Health + Cultural Program development; and more.

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