Health + Cultural Programs

At Indigenous Healthcare Advancements, we have decades of experience developing and supporting a wide range of healthcare and cultural programs that provide modern care in a way that honors and supports tribal needs.

Traditional health and healing

We are working with many Tribal Health programs on expanding their traditional health and healing service line development. Our team of partners understands the importance of spiritual and traditional medicine and has extensive experience in integrating supportive programs.

Telehealth program deployment

COVID was a blessing in disguise for our Tribal Healthcare delivery pathways. It allowed for us to show our insurance companies that remote treatment was not only possible, but effective. We help Tribes and Tribal Health programs develop and hone their telehealth delivery pathways, as well as helping Tribes connect to specialty providers to increase patient access.

Pharmacy expansion

We can help native communities add new, or expand existing, pharmacy programs as part of their overall healthcare offering. Whether its building new facilities, or finding the right providers, we have a network of partners experienced in pharmacy delivery.

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